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Courtney Love icontest

C. Love icontest
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If you're respectful, keep your icons anonymous + play by the rules, there's every chance you'll have fun here.

Every week a challenge is set. Most often it is a picture + quote challenge, but it varies, depending on whatever takes the fancy of the mod that sets it. Usually the number of icons allowed is 2, unless stated otherwise. We also run LIMS challenges, but not for the time being.

Emily (cussingbride) made the community. Kimberly (trashnoise) + Nel (metallic_olive) are her fantastic mods, who are far better at their job than she is, as she often forgets things + fucks up + her computer + internet break a lot. However we all work together well to make sure the community runs properly. Sarah (knifestreet) makes the lovely banners. Be nice to all these people, or else.

So you don't like Courtney? Great. As if I care. Don't tell us about it. Go whine in your journal or your anti-CL communties. Nobody here cares. I can ban users, delete comments + report spam. Plus, if you have some kind of problem with one of the mods, fuck off + deal with it elsewhere. Don't bring any shit into this community that doesn't need to be here. Mmmkay?

Promotion is not required but very much appreciated. Banners here

Contact a moderator if you'd like be affiliates.
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